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PostSubject: JUST FOR LAUGH GUYS..   Thu Jul 09, 2009 7:41 pm

Doctor: your keens all blistered?
Lady: b'cos of too much of doggy style sex!
Doctor: can't you do it any other style?
Lady: oh yes I can do, but the dog can't!

An Australian down on his luck was forced to sign up for a year stint working at a giant sheep ranch in the outback. There must have been fifty men working there but not a single woman. "What do you guys do for sex?" he asked the ranch boss. The man smiled. "Wait until 5 o'clock. You'll see."
Finally 5 o'clock came around and the men suddenly began racing toward the sheep corral. The new hand stopped the foreman and said, "Now I understand what you do for sex. But why are they in a hurry? There's over a hundred sheep in that one corral."
"They don't want to get an ugly one."

A lady called her gynaecologist, and asked for an "emergency" appointment. The receptionist said to come right in.
She rushed to the office and was ushered right into an examination room. The doctor came into the exam room and asked about her problem. She was very shy about her emergency problem and asked the gynaecologist to please examine her.
So the doctor started to examine her. He held up his head after completing his examination.
"I'm sorry, Miss," he said, "but removing that vibrator is going to involve a very lengthy, delicate and expensive surgical procedure."
"I'm not sure I can afford it," sighed the young woman, "but while I am here, do you think you could replace the batteries?"

A woman came back home from hospital, where she had some analyses taken. She was pretty upset and finally answered to her husband’s inquiries:" This thing we thought to be my orgasm, turned out to be my asthma"!

A man goes into a bar with his pet dog, a talking dog!
After an hour of conversation with the patrons and bartender, this guy asks the bartender to watch his dog while he goes into the men's room.
While he's in the men's room, the bartender gives the dog two dollars and tells the dog to go around the corner and get him a New York Times.
After the dog leaves, the dog's owner comes out of the men's room and asks where his dog is. The bartender said he gave the dog two dollars to get him a New York Times.
The guy says, "Why did you do that? My dog doesn't know his way around this neighbourhood; he'll get lost!"
With that he ran out to find his dog at the end of the block having intercourse with another dog.
He yells at the dog, "What are you doing there? You’ve never done that before!"
The dog yells back at him, "I never had two dollars before!"

A young woman brings a very young and skinny baby to the doctor's office. She explained, "The baby seems to be ailing. Instead of gaining weight, he lost three ounces this week."
She was told to go into an examination room and wait for the doctor. He comes in and examines the baby, then asks the woman, "Is he breast fed or on the bottle?"
"Breast fed." she says.
"Well, strip down to your waist," he orders. She does. He squeezes both breasts, massages them, pinches both nipples, and then began powerfully sucking on one nipple.
Finally he announces, "No wonder this baby is hungry, you don't have any milk!"
"Naturally," she says, "I'm his aunt; but I sure am glad I came in today."
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